Bow by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Bow

Travel is in a dream and a brother, woman and child, and drawing closer to God Almighty, says {was just around the corner} .
It felt arch cover Vamroth pregnant. The bow and handed his wife was pregnant and put him under way. The Nolth his wife arc the pregnant male child because the boy handed over to the father shall be with him in his shop, and women brought up the girl and be inherent in the home.
It felt that his bow is broken, no weapon with him, the brother dies, or his son or his partner or friend.
It felt broken his bow in his hand he must be removed from its mandate if the ruler, and lost if the merchant. Travel and firing arc. It rode a chord in it arc married, divorced, the dissolution, and saw the Sultan received the rank given in parentheses and the Principality, says {was just around the corner} . And inferred Balqosjn on the eyebrows. Broke his bow and traveled. Perhaps the words void throw arrows or the words right. The outer arc Vangta seen it and called his wife, and may isolate from its mandate. The shares mistake threw it in his power infringe, and hit the target it wishes to receive.
It felt his hand a bow Motra generates his boy.
and saw that it was intended for God’s sake, it affects the honor. Shooting a bow and nuts in the wild hunt and the spoil of old, and throw the country and deny the false.And if he sees that he threw the bird nutty it is lying on a big man falsely. It threw the pigeon shooting his wife. And his arch Nuts is a punk, man diseases arc joints, crossbow and bow long life, and arc Ahmadinejad of squandering money, and arc perforated income and utility, as well as arc-Kharrat. [See arrow].Dream Interpretation in Islam



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