body by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi body

Healthy body strength and power of religion and faith. And if he sees his body as if a living body, it shows what stifles of enmity. But felt as if a mechanism of mechanism, the ram has a son Marzuka live on it.
It felt his body of iron or pottery, it dies. Saw an increase in the body is not harmful in grace is to increase it.
and saw that it was rubbing his body, it inspects the conditions Baqrapth, and receive them tired. But felt that he did not live brushed itching bestowed tired of his family, though he lived itching receive great good. Margarine and body and bone indicating increased money and splendor. And wasting the body indicates that poverty and lack of money, science, and shows the meeting including hated. And the body in a dream proof of what concealed rights and is reflected by things such as clothes, wife, home and loved and the boy, and of sheltering him from harm, such as the ruler and Mr. guardian, Vqute and classed and obesity evidence of the well-being than is indicated by those who said, and the weakness and change its color Vdleil a bad case of Del it.If the body fat in a dream Bahia del on the high pot and victory over enemies.Dream Interpretation in Islam



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