Black Stone

Black Stone

Black Stone by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Black Stone

Shows in a dream on a pilgrimage. It is considered that cut the black stone he wants to bring people to his opinion. But felt that people have lost the black stone Fjalo applying for, they found in place, it is a man who thinks all people upon an error which is the guidance.
and perhaps unique to Del aware of it, and Ictmh for his students.
and saw that it was touching the Black Stone, it follows the imam Hijazia. The Fort, saw that it was the same take Him therefore for it especially unique novelty in religion without Muslims, felt that he swallows it mislead people in their religion. And if he sees that he shook hands with the black stone, it pilgrimage, and demonstrates the accession of the caliphs, kings, or repentance by the Imam of the world.
and perhaps this indicates that to kiss the boy or the wife or husband.
and perhaps indicates that the heads of service positions Kgam.Dream Interpretation in Islam


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