Bazi by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Bazi

If in a dream obeyed respondents indicated that the Sultan is accompanied by the suite, in order to hit the ground running on Bazi birds. Felt that the buzzards calls it receives a lethal army of elite soldiers Arabs. Bazi and a man of prestige and honor, said, and took him alive son. Although it is the people of the emirate received sultan.The flew from his hand and his left leg went and stayed above, although there were still in his hand something of feathers left in his hand something of the king. Buzzards and the slaughter of the death of kings, and eat the meat of the money before the Sultan.
It felt Pazia on his hand and it was the sons of kings received the sultan, though logistically won the presidency, the thought of praise among the people. Bazi was killed in the home win Voyeur Plus. I got the saw Bzah income in the locality of their number of thieves, the thought that went out of his seat Pazia accompanied by a man eat man’s land, or equality in the home. And Bazi shows the thieves cut off openly and Bazi shows the splendor and power, and victory over enemies, and achieving the hopes and ornamental boys, couples, and the Mamelukes and concubines, and precious money, health, and relieve the worries and the health of eyes, and frequent travel.
and perhaps indicated by the death to seize life, indication of the prison and restriction, too little in the restaurant and drink.
It felt that Bazi went with him the authority to go with him, even if it remains in the hand Khith, or something of the feathers, the authority to go and stay in his capital as it remains in the hand of Bazi, and saw that it was bought Pazia to catch him, it would be to work, and sends the workers Aajabun his money. It was said that the death of buzzards indicates the destruction of the oppressors.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Bazi vision

The Bazi construed as aspects of it:

It is considered that held a white Pazia obedient to him, it indicates the height of the pot and status and wealth .

It felt: Pazia on his hand, it affects attributed to the king.

It felt: Pazia flew from his hand and remained feathers in his hand, it indicates the disappearance of his honor and the survival of a few of his money in his hand.

It felt: Pazia fell from his hand and he died it shows a fall from his status humiliation and poverty.

It felt: that no one gave him Pazia it shows get born beautiful.

It felt: that Pazia sits on its surface, it indicates that accompany the new king and get better and benefit from it.

The woman saw that Pazia hid at the bottom, and they give birth to a son, and his foot was it interpreted the daughter of jingle .

It felt: as if he bought Pazia to catch him he shall act and decide by the employers and jobs to collect his money, and was told Bazi king and slaughtered his death and meat construed money by the king, especially for those who eat it, and said to Bazi son of a great bless him, and was told that Bazi girl, said to Bazi thief cut the road publicly.

It felt: in his home Pazia Plus it gains control, and was told that Bazi Jalil in people.

It felt: on his hand Pazia obeyed and it was the sons of kings bestowed authority in science, although the seer logistic won an honor and a male and Mamedh among the people, and was told Bazi if obedient construed five ways: for Murad, Farah, Bishara and entry into force of order and get money as much as the value of Bazi than a thousand to ten thousand, especially if the white obedient, if not obedient, it interpreted on four aspects: the king is unfair and unjust ruler and his religion is not hampered born to his parents and a highwayman.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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