ass by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi ass:Is in a dream or a boy child or a wife.
and perhaps indicated by the travel or science, because the verse: {like} ass carrying books . It is found from the donkey, unlike in real life for humans is indicated by Vtourah for worship. Tells about a Nun the Egyptian Almighty God’s mercy, he said: I disobey God Almighty I understand that the creation of my ass and my servant. And demonstrates her ass to the world without a job, or a Jew. And shows her ass on the human foot and Kalouta Alzerpol and the like. And mules and donkeys king in a dream ride or evidence of money or pet child. And a particular woman on the ass of living, many good, with offspring, and won frequently. The term of the donkey and Alotana come up, and perhaps their voices indicated by the evil and Aloncad, and the child of adultery, or the appearance of the viewer of the elves. And it was said that the sound of prayer ass on the oppressors. Human endeavor and the donkey and his grandfather, as you saw a fat or thin. If the ass is a great glory and elevation, but a good walk is the benefit of the world, but it was beautiful on her beauty, though white is the owner and Accessories splendor. Though poverty is a tiny owner. Though fat is a capital owner. Though black is pleased and sovereignty, and the king and the honor, prestige and power, and green and devout religion. He was the son Serene prefer ass Bsrj Born at the height. And the length of the survival of their own guilt in the heel. And the death of the donkey shows the death of the owner, or the length of his age. The hoof ass strength of his wealth, and it was said of Matt donkey went his money, or signed his shop, or get out of them, or died servant who had served or died, his father or grandfather who was his dependents, and only died his master that he liked, or sold, or traveled with him , even if a woman divorces her husband and he dies, or traveled place, although the donkey bray over the mosque, minaret, or which, he called for an unbeliever to a kaafir, Oomptda to his innovation. The call to Islam authorized the safest and called to the right, and when the verse and a lesson. Dream Interpretation
It felt that his donkeys, his people, the ignorant. It rode a donkey, and walked on foot by agreeing, the grandfather and his quest OK good. It is eating the flesh of a donkey hit money and Jeddah. And if he sees that his donkey is not working but beat it does not eat only pray.
It felt donkey turned mule, the living are from the book, and turning a horse, the living are of his power, the turning seven, the grandfather and his living be one of the Sultan unfair to you, the shift of a ram, the grandfather Mnscherv and excellence.
It is considered that the donkey carrying the power of God for him to speak. And the collection of Ruth ass increased his wealth. It struggled a donkey hated his relatives.And the donkey is better for the traveler with a slow. Ass and wake up very obedient to its owner better and more money. The king of a donkey or enter his house, a leg of God to him all the best, and the survival of all they are. And bought a donkey Mtmos eyes had a capital position is not known. And not only hates the ass of his voice, which was originally a very human moment. Donkey and a server, or trade rights, or his wife, it is believed his donkey loaded, loaded his wife or his concubine, the dream was born in the wild at sex, child, like the others, only to have a sign that from him. It is drinking milk from donkey disease disease is easy then innocent of his illness. It is his donkey and a colt born it opened the doors of livelihood, the colt was male, but female showed Alahamulh. And it was said from behind her donkey and the colt is not a married woman without a child, the donkey colt had married a woman has a child.But felt as if he took his wildest colt afflicted the benefit of slow. And it was said that the donkey increase in the money with wealth decrease.
It felt that it improves the ride on the donkey, or afraid of the ride, it possess other than what is in it. The jurist that he saw the passenger does not have a donkey and Talsan, it receives the presidency, and hesitates in the lesson. The donkey becomes the capital of plowing. And the donkey does not have married a woman born.
and saw that it was a colt passenger Faisiba g of a son or a woman. It increased his donkey died. And the death of the donkey or weakness indicates the poverty of the owner, and get off her ass and sell it for poverty.
It is considered that the slaughter of his donkey to eat his flesh got in his living after the capacity is tight.
and saw that it was not slaughtered for eating spoiled his pension. The donkey saw many foot soldiers is evidence of capacity.
is of the opinion that he has a lot of donkeys foot soldiers is evidence of capacity.
is of the opinion that she can delight his donkeys, and benevolence. The donkey saw the one-eyed or visually impaired afflicted lack of living.
and saw that it was turning a donkey, hit by disastrous corrupted his mind, and tell of the good he did. e corrupted his mind, and tell of the good he did.

. ass:

Shows in a dream on to things. Vision shows her ass on the boat and travel.
and perhaps indicates that facilitate difficult.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Ass: (See Donkey) Assassin: (See Thief)

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