Apple by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Apple:Shows in a dream the boys, Hassan and faces, and apples as much enthusiasm from him the sultan was the apple queen, though, the merchant his business, although the apple, the apple Hartha plowed. It was: sweet apples Rizk old, and sour apple prohibited. The Sultan threw an apple is the messenger of hope and Manat. The apple tree man is locked close to the people, it is felt that instills the apple tree, it keeps an orphan.
and saw that it was eating an apple, it is not all that people look to him, and picked hit money from an honest man with good praise. And apples numbered few dirhams.Smell the apple in a mosque marry it, and if Schmidt in the House of apple woman complained famous for debauchery, and ate it in a position known to give birth to a son well. Bite the apple Nawal best of it and won. The apple represents the friends and brothers and it was said of the view that eating apples appears to him an enemy.Apples and acid indicates the dispersal and cons of the hustle and bustle. The apple tree indicate panic.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Smelling an apple: Smelling an apple inside a mosque in a dream means getting married. If a woman sees herself smelling an apple during a reception in a dream, it denotes her misconduct, and that she could commit an abominable sin during that same evening. (Also see Nose).Dream Interpretation in Islam

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