Altuare by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Altuare:Of the saw in a dream, he entered the house and disappeared when it is due. It was said of it disappeared generates a girl, says: {hide from the people of the poor as preached by} . Altuare in a dream and the evidence base and rely on hiding from it, or who is indicated by, the mountain disappeared indicates that it is based on the great pot, and went into hiding and was based on the tree to corner the world. The seer was pregnant when I was born female. Dream Interpretation

del Altuare and perhaps in a dream and speak of hypocrisy on the work of evil.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Altuare

The Altuare it shows that he is born to a girl says, “hide from the people of ill what human beings do.” It was fear of a wafer.

It felt: in a house that went into it to escape from a verse, “The homes are rugged and awrah that only want to escape.”

The Alastkhva and appearing to people, it is felt that a fugitive does not know who escape it alive and repentance for the verse, “God, I fled to the plain warner to you from Him.”Although it was known, who escapes from it, it will be safe from fear of the verse, “then my Lord to me thou tauntest judgment.”

And the vision of all human escape from it, which does not inspect the application is required to win the student.

It felt: that people do not Istkhva Istkhva of God it is God duel sin of the verse, “contemptuous of the people can not hide from God.” It was their vision and sorrow flee.

It felt: that escape from an animal or a Matb it testifies to the safety of the fear and get the nail, and was told to flee is a failure of the verse, “said Lord, I have called a national day and night not only to escape Yazdhm propaganda.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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