Alrmkh by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Alrmkh:

Is under way in a dream, or free, honest woman. The knees it is sexual relations with a woman. And Alrmkh Albrven of a woman they were foreign women. Alrmkh and show people who are known in literature.
It felt that he rode Rmkh or king or bought and was single, married an honest woman’s blessing. If the Alrmkh populace women were rich honest, though gray was beautiful, though they are red, once a religion and Sadd, although the blonde was of religion, although the yellow was of diseases and pains, and felt that Rmokth died or been stolen or lost, this can be his wife.
It felt that he left Rmokth or down by it out of his wife’s death or divorce, or get out of his home or his village.
It felt that Rmokth and Lud, that evidence of increased wealth.
It is believed that drinking milk Alrmkh the Sultan bring him closer to himself and humiliated reward you. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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