Alonthian by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Alonthian: Place a plant hair.
and perhaps Alonthian shown on the couple and the parents or the eyebrows on the door. Perhaps De bag of money, or parents who are not true marriage only with their own.
and possibly testicular shown on pomegranate steelyard.
It felt that his testicles cut off, or earned it, the two hated enemies Azvron by as much as Neil from his testicles. It was said that not only male born to him. It was said that inherits money from a friendly.
It felt that his testicles Kberta be kept up to his enemies do not hurt. It was said that a lot of female offspring.
It felt that his testicles Sarta in the hands of his enemies, the enemies pray to him as much as that. The testicles show the female kinship Kalokhtin and the two daughters and wives, mother and aunt, what happened is an accident in which one of them. The saw cut off his testicles had the Marbtan Mataata, though his two wives or Mataata Variqhma. The show testicles on the money, the saw them Moktootain is required with money taken from him two thousand or two hundred or Two Dinars, it did not have any of that cut off his descendants, and not a living, and robbed the grace of God with him.
It felt left testicle extracted died and his son, was born he was born , and saw that it was donated and gives it willingly, it generates a child.
testicles and possibly shown on a quest and movements. Indicate testicular sleep on human Mazbeh it or make it under his head from the pillow. The woman saw that the two females probably carried her twins. The man saw the testicles that may cut off HIV disease or a fox-Assad, and perhaps divorced his wife, sells his nation or his children were split or narrated or sack or bag and lost his money, though, and Azna crashes and weight. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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