Aljmz by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Aljmz:Shows in a dream on the news worried, or volatility in company with them with friends.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Aljmz Dream Interpretation

The Aljmz it construed a strong king with a huge prestige and Gore.

It felt: that he flew from his hand and remained Khith or feathers or something of his instrument in his hand, it is construed to anger the king and rob him of his grace and his removal will be in his hand a little something from his wealth.

It felt: Jmza catch him Sidon it construed the accession of rank to become the king and his treasures in his hand.

It felt: Jmza landed on his head, it interpreted the accession was born and the joy of his part, said to interpret the world of no religion, the owner of the trick.

It felt: that he has interpreted it Jmza longevity.

And the vision of the rest of the birds that hunt by any kind of darkness interpreted Algchma.Dream Interpretation in Islam


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