Aleppo animal

Aleppo animal

Aleppo animal by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Aleppo animal:D is in a dream to good treatment, and flattery, and politics, and earning a living. And considering Mahlob, the saw Abdul he milks a cow his master, he marries a woman his master, and saw that it was milking a cow and drink the milk sacked if he is poor, Izz rose which, though rich in increased wealth and dignity.
and saw that it was milking camels hit money from the Sultan, the milking infected blood money is haraam. And milking interpreted cunning. And Aleppo camel labor on the land of the Arabs. And Aleppo Seatah labor on the land of Ajam, the milking and blood came sultan betray it in his power, the Sama milking it earns money forbidden, the milking of us blessed with a solution and hit a profit in their business dealings, which netted him as much as this world that brought the udder. And it was said from Aleppo camel and drink their milk, it marries a good woman, though married to a boy born to him a blessing. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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