Aldoah by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Aldoah:

Indicate in a dream of glory and the state and lift up to the value. Indicate the wife and money. And Aldoah maid and the benefit of marriage, and would by Born. It saw that it was written from the inkwell bought the maid.
It felt that it hit the inkwell quarrel about a woman or other.
It felt that he bought the inkwell marry a woman he does not see her once white. The show Aldoah onto the wound, and the iron pen, and ink on how long a place for those who saw his body became inkwell. And Aldoah indicate the drug, it is disease and has seen it tends to medication and healed, God willing. [See the pen. Dream Interpretation

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Aldoah

The Aldoah it devolves on the ways:

It is felt that it gave her the inkwell, it has a quarrel with his relatives .

It felt: that he writes from the inkwell of Aouky hated it.

It felt: that Doath broken or lost it or stole it shows a woman to marry a virgin coercion.

It felt: it makes the ink in the pen Aldoah it shows for the children of adultery, though Aldoah of gold, and it Mkhriqh it shows Tfl, though it is a silver marry a woman or buys going on, but from zero, it indicates the beneficial although the iron, it shows strength in things, whether of copper, it shows get a little better, though of wood, it indicates antagonism.

It felt: that it hit the inkwell marry than ever about him.

In all, the vision of the rima Aldoah construed being married.

It felt: it hit the inkwell, it affects the writing of the presidency of the University than his peers.

It felt: that benefited inkwell and the owner of a craft Faúl for his integrity and goodness of his craft.

It felt: he had bought the inkwell servant buys it suits them.

It felt: that he had found lying inkwell was, however, evidence of good it marries a woman with a good, though not in the heads of the good, it is inferred construed Bmkhasamh with him about.

And blotchiness of Aldoah construed to four aspects: the best news of the benefit and restitution .

The vision Altnqich unless Atltkh by ​​Ezz and dress it with honor, and was stained and engraved construed Balbrs explaining it .

It felt: that one of the engraved inkwell throw it wants to defect and turn against him and it unjust and the ink in the same interpretation in the Sadd.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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