Al Khaimah The Dream Interpretation

Al Khaimah The Dream Interpretation

Al Khaimah The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Al Khaimah

Indicate in a dream to travel or the grave or the wife or the house. Clouds and the large tents.
It felt that it hit the tent, the sultan was struck an increase in the Sultan, and was a soldier took over the state, even though merchants traveled and won the good and honor and ongoing beauty. Confronted with his tent saw the white tent, the man who enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, and repent of sin is great. Dream Interpretation
and saw the moon in his tent he loves his neighbors from Dar es Sultan. The tent is king in a dream income or hit for him, though incompetent attributed to the king received by the Sultan. And Alkhaba and the dome without the tent. The white tents are the graves of the martyrs, as well as vegetables from the tents. It came out of the tent out a paradox, it comes out of his power, and isolated from his aides.
folded his tents and saw it run out of old and running out of power. Dome and a woman. [See: Fustat.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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