Ahalouae by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Ahalouae:In a dream to show sincerity in religion, and the salvation of the prisoner, and the arrival of the traveler, and to cure the patient, marriage and unmarried, and guidance and to repent, science and the Koran and for livelihoods. Valmn it works and what blessing and grace. And Halouae season witnesses a function of season or renewal of the mandate. And Almnfarrak Ahalouae of flattery and lies and the words of a good thing. The company Almgulw of Ahalouae useful. The logic of honey livelihood as walking or nasty. Racy and evidence of progress and height and the disappearance of worries and diseases. I know that every sweet increasingly capturing the human disease Voklh in a dream, an increase in diseases, but be sweet of yeast or nannies or juice, it may indicates that healing. Diseases. And the best one who dealt in a dream or entered it because it may Alvalozj del disease strokes. And Ahalouae which is the vehicle of the total food of four elements: Shahd, sugar, manna, dates, and if none of them man-eater is a good life and pleasure, and the survival of the risk of the origin of greed. And Ahalouae indicate Rizk old and the words of a good thing. The sweetness of faith for believers and licentious sweetness of this world. Dream Interpretation

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Ahalouae

The Ahalouae they accrue the benefit of fine and sweet and sugar informed of sweet honey, it is thought that eating sugar Halouae Almighty and the elevation of it because it is eaten people of high status.

It felt: it eats Halouae of honey in it without it, and was told Ahalouae a lot of money and pure religion.

The vision of the bit Ahalouae indicate the qibla of the owner or his son .

The vision of the bit Allozinj words cute and sweet as the best color to be white .

The vision Ahalouae land in terms of a capital sentence may indicate Hazh from the disposal of the king to others, and if the yellow is where some of the cloud .

And the vision of all the works of Ahalouae in any way from any class, whether it was sugar or honey or molasses or employer Khrnop it commendable and livelihood and the good and benefit, especially for those who eat it.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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