affiliated by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi affiliated:Of the saw in a dream, a Mercy became affiliated to them in the town or land, the people of that place was in distress or drought or fear Farajallah them, and fix if their president, and his improved them. Scientists and see them or others aware of an increase in the seer. And the vision of the wise men increase in wisdom. Preachers and see an increase in the Fotouh and pleasure. And the vision of saints and the righteous increase in debt.
and saw some of the righteous from the dead may live by God Almighty in his country, won the people of that town, fertile, vulva and Justice who and them.
and saw that it was revived a man of whom it is a revival of his year.
and saw that it was turned into some righteous known is evidence that affects the world and in some distress Ouhstha as far as the status of that good then he gains Bmradh.Dream Interpretation in Islam

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