account by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi account:Is for the dead in a dream D to torment. The computerized human in a dream on an expense account or yield easy, and was traveling in the vigilance, is indicated in his testimony, and he returned to his home safely. The computer man himself in a dream, it shows his repentance, easy and be to the Lord.
It is a dream that he saw in the near of the account, an account is easy and computerized him is a woman Dinah, Mhafqh it, invalid. Felt that the computerized account it lost heavily.

meanings by Al ahsaai Dream Interpretation


 See the account balance and the path and pelvis

It felt that computerized signed in distress and torment, and saw his balance has favored the good work and became obedient to him and only For as much as what he saw and felt the balance indicated by the diastole of Justice and the height of injustice is of the opinion that he passed on the right sound escaped from the intensity of the strife and calamity and that landed him in the fire is located in the The scourge of sedition and saw that it was based upon an upright retort on his hands and saw things that he drank of the basin it die on Islam

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Account

Of the opinion that he went to the place of the account by Fidel on the negligence of the verse, “closer to the people who are self-employed turn away in heedlessness.”

It felt: it is computerized in distress and suffering for saying peace be upon him: It was discussed account tortured.

In all, the vision of the resurrection account construed to six aspects: the torment of a king or a fill or disease, or cloud, or the trouble or short-lived.

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